About Where to Watch

Where to Watch is an audience platform to help you discover where you can watch Irish film and selected TV drama, animation and documentary, anywhere in the world.

Browse or search Where to Watch for Irish screen content and discover live cinema listings where you can book screenings of the newest Irish films in your area, or watch at home with available streaming and on demand platforms in the country of your choice.

You can search for your favourite actor or director, or filter child-friendly content to watch with the whole family.

Where to Watch is designed to make Irish content as easily accessible to audiences as possible, wherever you are in the world.

About Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland

As the national agency for the Irish film, TV drama, animation and documentary industry, Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland is the creative partner to the sector, investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. We are inspired by original storytelling that will emotionally engage audiences at home and abroad.

Through a wide range of practical funding supports across development, production, distribution, promotion and skills development, Screen Ireland supports the sector through every stage of the process. We support filmmakers in their creative pursuit to share valuable artistic, cultural and commercial stories onscreen.

Why are non-Irish films appearing on this website?

What makes an ‘Irish’ film or television show is not always obvious – for accuracy purposes, Where to Watch uses criteria based on production company to display Irish-originated content. This may include co-productions with other countries and in other languages, as well as films shot on location in Ireland but financed elsewhere.

We hope you enjoy discovering all of the different variations of ‘Irish’ screen content on Where to Watch. If you think there is an error with any film or TV project listed on the website that shouldn’t be, please contact wheretowatch@screenireland.ie and we’ll look into it for you.

Where is the film or TV show that I’m looking for?

The Where to Watch database is constantly changing and we rely on your input and feedback to make it as comprehensive as possible.

For now, due to limitations with our database, TV information is limited to the last 3 years and may be missing a TV show or television documentary not available on IMDB or through our partner feeds.

If there is a film or television show you would like to see on Where to Watch, please contact wheretowatch@screenireland.ie and we’ll look into it for you.

Your information is incorrect or missing.

The Where to Watch database pulls through information directly from IMDB and may contain errors or inaccuracies from time to time.

If there is an correction on a film listing that you would like to suggest, please contact wheretowatch@screenireland.ie and we’ll look into it for you.